Live Shipping Arrival Guarantee

The fish are guaranteed to arrive healthy and alive on the first delivery attempt when you (or your representative) are present to take delivery from the mail carrier.


Endlers are amazingly hardy, so shipping fatalities / dead on arrival (DOA) are extremely rare. However, in the unlikely event of a DOA fish, send The Endler Shop details of the situation & clear digital photos within an hour of delivery and a refund for losses will be issued. Details of the necessary photos will be in the shipping & tacking notification we send when the package ships.


Young adult fish (5-8weeks old) are usually shipped which are robust, also reducing possible impacts from shipping. The 5-8 week old males & females are at breeding age or are within 1-2 weeks of breeding. Also, non gravid females are likely not gravid due to age, so are not guaranteed as not gravid. Gravid females are usually within 1-2 weeks of dropping fry.


Shipping Details

  • Fish only or with plants / food: $16 flat rate for continental USA.
      • USPS Priority Class: Arrives in 1-3 days (usually in 2 days).


  • Plants / fish-food only (no fish): $5 flat rate for continental USA.

      • Plants only (no fish) do not ship when "low" temperatures in your area are below 45°F, or “high” temperatures are over 90°F. The shipment will be delayed until weather permits.

      • USPS First Class: Arrives in 2-5 days


  • Shipping days: Saturday & Monday. This avoids having the package get stuck at the post office over a weekend.


  • USPS tracking number: will be emailed on ship date.


  • Shipping preparation for the fish can take a few days, so shipping usually happens the following week from when an order is placed. We will contact you with a shipping ETA via email.


  • Winter / cold weather shipping: will include a heat pack and insulated box.


  • Extreme weather: If temperatures in your area fall below 32°F or above 90°F the shipment will be delayed until weather permits. (Heat packs only work when temperatures are above the freezing point of 32°F)
    • Orders under $50 (excluding shipping)  will be delayed until weather permits, when temperatures in your area fall below 45°F.


  • Shipping locations: 
    • USA (See shopping cart for non continental USA rates, like Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, etc.)
    • For international, choose the "International Order" button on the Order page.


Acclimating Your Fish & Plants

Once your fish arrive, you'll need to acclimate them to their new tank's water parameters. The best method to acclimate your fish is the Drip Acclimation Method (see below). Once they have been acclimated and introduced into your tank, please feed asap, since in preparation for shipping, they are not fed for 1 day. With shipping time, this can be 2-4 days of no food.


Please note, shipping will blanch males a bit and both sexes may initially only pick at their food. This is pretty usual for about a week or so. After they have fully acclimated to their new environment, the males will display full color and feeding will be vigorous. Keeping them on a regular schedule (light, feeding, etc..) also helps in quick acclimation.


The Drip Acclimation Method: The concept is to drip the existing water from your tank (the tank the fish will live in), into a container with the new fish (and the water the fish came in). This allows the water chemistry to slowly change, reducing shock and fatalities. Directions:


  • Using a plastic sports drink cup (or something that can be easily cut to insert tubing), insert 3"-4" of airline tubing
  • When ready to start dripping, fill this cup with existing water from your tank.
  • Heat this water up a bit (5-10 degrees), as it will cool during dripping
  • Put the new fish into a container with the water from the bag. Remove some water from the fish container so that only enough water is left to cover the fish (1"-2" of water). Cover most of the container so the fish can't jump out. 
  • Place the container with the fish, below the cup with existing tank water, and let the water drip.
  • Overall water chemistry and temperature should be similar to your existing tank when dripping is complete.
  • Once the container with the fish has 3-4 times the volume of water it originally contained, the fish can be "poured" into the new tank. (Double check that the temperature is close to your tank).


Here is a more detailed description, using water directly from the tank instead of a separate container: eHow - How To Aclimate New Fish

"A fish is the movement of water embodied and given shape."

                 Doris Lessing

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